◆iPE イノテック ベンツ W205 C200 / C250 / C300 用可変バルブ付ステンレス製マフラーセット/オプション有り/BENZ/INNOTECH/F1サウント/軽量化/メルセデス/C205/S205 [IPE-MB205-S20001]

◆iPE イノテック ベンツ W205 C200 / C250 / C300 用可変バルブ付ステンレス製マフラーセット/オプション有り/BENZ/INNOTECH/F1サウント/軽量化/メルセデス/C205/S205 [IPE-MB205-S20001]

販売価格: 179,000円~537,000円(税別)


希望小売価格: 198,000円~596,000円

サイズ: 250cm


iPE メルセデス・ベンツ 2015〜 W205(S205 C205) C200 C250 C300 

2リッターターボ車両用 ステンレス製可変バルブマフラーフルシステム

innotech Performance Exhaust製



純正フロントパイプにNox Sensor 装着の車両は装着不可となります


IPE フルシステム : 111db (+27db)

IPE 基本セット  : 100db (+16db)


取り付け作業マニュアルはこちらをご参考ください: https://goo.gl/USk1SF


ベンツ W205 2リッターモデル用 C200 C250 C300対応










Extremely Loud and Comfortably Quiet become one with iPE
* Note : MERCEDES-BENZ C300/C250 with Nox Sensor (Front pipe) models won't fit with iPE exhaust system.

The Mercedes-Benz C300 refined with an iPE Innotech Performance Exhaust system. We produces an extremely loud and aggressive sound as well as a comfortably quiet cruise by the push of a button when you wished for.
Our Valvetronic exhaust delivers both power and dynamic valve control to the driver's seat. The full system includes the remote capability to command 3 different modes: on, off, and auto. In on mode, the valves are fully open for maximum flow and power, releasing a unique and breathtaking sound. In off mode, the valves are closed and volume is reduced for a comfortable cruise. The auto mode enables the system to detect the engine RPM and fuel pedal signal to automatically adjust the valve movements for a dynamic driving experience.

IPE Full System : 111db (+27db)

IPE Cat back : 100db (+16db)

The available models : M-Benz M274 engine C200 / C250 / C260(L) / C300(L) (C205 Coupe / W205 Sedan / S205 Estate)

* Instruction Manual Download : https://goo.gl/USk1SF

WARNING - Please read these disclosures carefully prior to your installation!

1.Improper adjustments made during installation may result in short-term to permanent damages to the iPE exhaust system and/or your vehicle.
iPE will not be held responsible for any damages to the vehicle, and warranties on our products will be voided if the damages occurred due to improper installation.If you have any trouble installing the system please contact your authorized dealer!

2. The manufacturer, importer or dealer shall not be liable for any incidental damage including personal injury or any other damages caused by improper installation or operation of the iPE exhaust system. When installing the iPE exhaust system be careful that the exhaust system does not touch other parts sensitive to high temperature.

3. iPE makes no representation or warranties with regard to damage caused by the improper installation, use and maintenance of the iPE exhaust system. The warranty is limited to defects recognized by our technical department and of normal use only, and excludes items subject to normal wear and tear(gaskets and damping wool). The warranty is voided in case of accidents, modifications, improper or competition uses.